Winter Lists

by Chelle

It always gets to December and I haven't done half the things I want to do for the fall / winter leading up to Christmas time season. So tonight I started my lists of things I would like to do, mainly inspired from my Christmas Pinterest board. As you know, planning is how I show my love .... so consider this post packed full of love! 

1. Plant Paper Whites: They take six weeks to bloom so I need to do these in the middle of November. 

2. Make Christmas cards: I think I would like to either do these prints from Instagram or get this stamp and put it on brown card stock like this

3. I'd like to make an Advent Calendar with these pouches. I'm still trying to think of ideas for an advent calendar... what to put in the pouches. Maybe a different activity for each day leading up to Christmas

.... and I've almost crossed the line. Too much crafty talk.... I'll mix it up and find some old stuff to use! Old books for tags and twine! Lots and lots of twine! 

There. I feel relieved. Be ready for updated posts following the progress of these endeavors. 

4. A soundtrack for November / December (different ones for each) .... I think it'll be a She & Him sort of Christmas

Below are some pretty straws in a glass jar. This picture symbolizes that we are back to dark days of November where I can't get home in time to snap some pictures before all the natural light is gone and I scramble to find some relevant picture in my light room archives to match the blog post for the week. Sadly, this plan won't work for long. My apologies. Better photos next time.