All words and no pictures

by Chelle

Hello B! My I've been terrible lately! So sorry. I have - however- been enjoying your posts! So so much! Your Nomadic Messes post pretty much sums up this past bit since May. After getting married I moved in with Joel and then we moved again on August first. Typing that date I now realize we've only been in here 18 days - so I feel a bit better. But there has been a stubborn pile of boxes lining the hallway. No matter how many times we sort thru them they just keep sitting there, I'm convinced they've tripled in size even though I've thrown more than half of the stuff away. Tonight we were determined to get rid of every last box, tossing out family heirlooms along with the rest just to be done with it. We piled everything in the truck and drove off to Goodwill. 

We rolled up in the old white truck, it was Joel's grandpa's and I love it. Several men were loading up the days intake. We parked and Joel got out. One of the guys said sorry we close at 8. ( Please note that it was 8:01 and the website said they closed at 9). Joel very politely asked if he could load the items in one of the crates they were filling. All of a sudden an angry middle aged man ran up and said, "we closed." Joel again kindly asked and explained how the website said otherwise. "We closed. I work 12 hours. CLOSED," he yelled. Joel got back in the truck but before we could drive off I swung the door open and walked over to this middle aged, balding, some what muscular man.  " There is no excuse to be so rude. I  work in a customer service position and I understand you are tiered but you can't speak to people like that." I turned around and stomped back to the car. "We closed, " rang out behind me. I know I know - I should control my temper.  But there is really no reason to be so rude. Anyway we drove down the street and dropped all the items of at Value Village and they gave us a $3 dollar coupon. I may be avoiding Goodwill for a little while. So there's my story for the day. 

making: lists of the updates I'd like to make in the apartment. I was going to try and photograph them and show them to you. I still may. It includes a new system for storing our clothes. I'm thinking we'll make pipeline book shelves and put metal baskets on them. Re-painting the whole place - currently an undecided mocha but I think cream will help keep it bright in the winter. Painting the kitchen cupboards and putting knew knobs on the doors. Oh and making a shower curtain. We have a brilliant claw foot tub but shower curtains that cater to that size are hard to find and typically pretty expensive. 

seeing:  The empty spaces we cleared out tonight. Good riddance! 

tasting:  Iced cranberry juice. It's really refreshing but oh so sour. This summer I've been so sensitive to the heat it's laughable. After living on a tropical island for the formative years of my childhood you'd think I'd be well adjusted. But it's been really humid hear. I've become an expert at keeping cool and even sunk to putting ice in my drinks. Very un-french. I know. 

hearing:  The fan humming away against the still of the night. 

feeling:  Sleepy but happy to be finally back to the blog

reading:  So many good books I can't wait to post about. But this one I have to share right now. Hyperbole and a Half - it started as a blog and became a book. The covers tag line reads " unfortunate situations, flawed coping mechanisms, mayhem, and other things that happen." I just love her!  The book is pretty cynical but oh so clever. There are also some pretty poignant parts. I was going to share one of those but instead here's what she wrote on her back cover. You'll understand why I love her! 

This is a book I wrote. Because I wrote it, I had to figure out what to put on the back cover to explain what it is. I tried to write a long third-person summary that would imply how great the book is and also sound vaguely authoritative- like maybe someone who isn’t me wrote it- but I soon discovered that I’m not sneaky enough to pull it off convincingly. So i decided to just make a list of things that are in the book: pictures. words. stories about things that happen to me. stories about things that happen to other people because of me. eight billion dollars * Stories about dogs. The secret to eternal happiness.

*these are lies. Perhaps I have underestimated my sneakiness!


loving:  Fun summer things.  A blog post to follow on this soon. It includes playing cards in the park when your apartment get's too hot because it's on the top floor which is what you always wanted and you love about it - but also make for quite an oven. Oh and also our new apartment. Pictures soon. 

watching:  I am ashamed to type this - but honesty honesty. Joel and I have been binge watching Entourage. It's based in LA and is basically about four guys from Queens who make it in LA without becoming "LA." That's why I was asking you what you thought about the people in LA. It's Joel's favorite show. I begrudgingly watched the first season then one day I was home sick and made it through the second season. So there you have it. 

anticipating: Being settled into our new little home.