Winter Greens

by Chelle



I have probably mentioned this before - but I don't posses a green thumb. Whatever the complete opposite to the green thumb, that's what I have. The hand of death? Anyway the idea of a garden always sounds lovely- but in reality the plant will be dead, drowned, or parched by week two, no matter how many blogs I read or pins I devote to gardening. However - always the eternal optimist I am trying once again.

This time I want to have pretty winter flowers. As I was thinking about this I realized herbs always look so pretty and they are also practical. Incentive to succeed? Why yes. 

So which herbs to choose. I always use Basil. However B reminded me that is a good old summer plant. So Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, and mojito mint. I replanted them in tin cans. Callie nailed holes in the bottom so there would be drainage.... We'll give it two weeks and see! I think these will be cheerful and they smell yummy!



Like Chelle, I don't at all have a green thumb, but I have definitely jumped on the succulent bandwagon. I mean, it's hard to say no to plants that only need to be watered once a month! so perfect for me. I've scheduled a reminder for myself on my phone so I won't forget the once a month watering and so far so good! I just got some new ones the other day and put my excessive mug collection to better use than using up cupboard space.


And my garlic plant...I'm pretty excited about this because it started out as just a clove that had started to sprout. So I put it in a can with dirt and it's thriving! I do have to water it but I keep it on the edge of my sink so I just pour the last of my water glass in it everyday. It grows visibly from morning to night, take a look at these consecutive pictures (three week span)