Thoughts on Three ish months oh and it's national cat day

by Chelle

Something on the internet told me it was national cat day - so Penny salut! 

Something on the internet told me it was national cat day - so Penny salut! 

Hello B!

It's so funny because it seems like people think being married is like a switch - you just suddenly turn it on and hey presto you're married. Everything changes. All at once. I am actually enjoying what I think should be called the process of being married - even thought that doesn't sound quite as romantic. Maybe the experience. 

The best analogy I have for it at the moment is changing my name. Initially I though it was something that just happened when you got married. Like by signing the marriage license my name would magically change. It turns out that's not the case. So I thought about it the first month after getting married, found a website that gave me all the paper work I needed for a small fee during the second month, spent an hour or so figuring out all I would need.... and here we are three months later. But it's fine. It's a process that takes time - it doesn't just happen over night. 

It's still really funny to me that I look down and see two rings on my finger, or that I fall asleep next to the man, or that we sit on the couch of an evening and chat and no longer have to worry about driving home. All good things. Just all gradual things I'm sure I'll get used to one day. I didn't realize all the little things that would still just feel new and fresh and I like that. 

Anyway I was just thinking about that and wanted to try and put it into words but wasn't exactly sure what I was trying to say. 

Looking forward to the weekend! Sleeping in, sunshine, ice coffee, books, and I think just spending time at home settling into the new apartment. 

I want to try the sensory thing... I'll give it a go tomorrow