This week in seattle ...

by Chelle

Summer started for the second time last weekend so the man and I drove up to Fort Casey and met some friends who were staying there for the weekend. It was a two hour drive that included a ferry ride! Great way to start of the summer. Sitting in the sun, eating dinner with good friends at a huge table with about twenty seats, bonfire by the beach, and a late night ferry ride home.... This is from the car ride! 


In other news- this week was the week of interviews.... I would just say to anyone who is struggling to find a job at the moment I have sent out a billion resumes, never heard back from most of them, went to painfully pitying interviews, been turned down many times and finally got two job offers in the same day... so hang in there. It just takes time! Or Warby Parkers ... 


But I finally have a "real job!"  


I'll be working in this building.  


And there's a summer ahead full of bonfires, beaches, camping, new jobs, and things like that! What will you be doing this week?